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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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low and there were bruises on her face. she had a friend called 91 what -- -- she had a friend call 911 while she tried to wake her up. she said it is truly devastating to wake up each morning and realize she is no longer here. a detective accused huguely of killing yeardley love and he said "i never did anything that would do that to her." testimony is still going on. 25 witnesses have been sworn in for the prosecution. defense witnesses are also expected to testify. coming up at 6:00, what the defense attorney had to say about what happened the night of may 2, 2010. we are following breaking
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news now where an apparent home invasion turned into a police involved shooting. this happen late this afternoon and brad bell is live there near the scene with breaking details. >> it has been a very tense afternoon in the very southern tip of buoyowie. we can go to some video from news choppers 7 and from the ground. at about 2:45 p.m., there is apparently a home invasion at a house. two people burst in. somehow the woman who was in the home got out. she encountered her next-door neighbor who happens to be a federal protective services officer. he was in the yard when the two suspects ran out. we are told there was an exchange of gunfire between an officer and at least one of the suspects. nobody got hit. the suspect initially ran away
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but a federal officer said of the very large perimeter and we are told that after about an hour and a half, they were able to get two suspect into custody and they had now cleared this neighborhood. again, there was a shootout, an exchange of gunfire between an off-duty federal officer and at least one suspect. nobody was hurt and both suspects are in cut -- are in custody. >> the warm weather finally arrive today but will last? what is the word? >> it is a nice little preview of june whether around here. just a reminder, we will get days like this more and more frequently. 83 at reagan national, 88 in fredericksburg. we will hang on to very warm air through the evening and into the nighttime hours.
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as far as the records show, we have tied the record at bwi thurgood marshall set back in 1887. i think that was probably before the airport was built. here is our next event a strong cold front generating heavy to severe thunderstorms moving across western tennessee. that will likely move into our area during the overnight hours toward sun rise tomorrow morning. we will talk about that and win more warm weather will return in just a few minutes. >> after a long stretch of winter weather everybody wants to be outside. >> people have been eating outside, jogging running boating, and everybody has been saying after all the lousy weather we had this spring coming it is about time. the george washington tour boat pulled into washington harbour
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in georgetown this afternoon after a lovely day on the potomac. >> we have had one or two days of sort of good weather but mostly not. today is making me feel great. >> the warm weather brought out all kinds of people doing all kinds of things. >> just enjoying the weather. we brought it from san diego, of course. >> but how to dress? one person is wearing sandals another wearing fur boots. suddenly after months of hot chocolate, we saw people actually eating ice cream. with the warmer weather, what are people buying now? >> they like ice cream. >> people just seem happier. many relaxing during their lunch hour at freedom plaza. >> i am enjoying a beautiful day with a beautiful person.
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>> a day of sunni bliss for all to enjoy. maybe not all. the allergy season is in full swing as well. >> right now, the tree pollen is the worst. enjoy this gorgeous weather while at last, because tonight a cold front moves in, and tomorrow is back to cool temperatures and rain. were good news, at i-295 is all clear for drivers after downed power lines closed part of the highway this afternoon. of course it was just in time for rush hour. it was at eastern avenue in northeast washington. the lines fell at around 2:30 p.m. blocking of the north and southbound lanes creating a big backup for drivers while crews cleaned up the area. of bullying investigation
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is under way after some serious accusations. one mother says her daughter was being violently bullying by another student including being choked with a jump rope. >> this mother says this alleged bullying has called her daughter fat and ugly and has hit her in the head with the chair. that was a few months ago. what happened most recently has prompted this mother to call police. the photos of jasmine reveal a swollen neck and face and black and blue eyes. her mother says she is horrified this could have happened on school property at the hands of another child. >> i don't know, it is a big mess. we are so confused and scared. >> heather says her 7-year-old was playing behind the school in chantilly thursday when a classmate, who had been bullying jasmine all year, took it to another level using a jump rope to nearly strangled the girl.
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>> he put to jump rope around her neck and pulled her back to a poll. >> he started to pull on me very hard. i said please stop, but he kept doing it and doing it. then he tied it really hard and i started to cry and scream. >> she says to classmates freed jasmine, but when her daughter told a teacher she was ignored. she raced jasmine to the emergency room. >> they did not call 911 or contact anyone to make sure that she was ok. the nurse said thank god someone had found her. >> a school spokesman tells us school officials are taking appropriate action. she said she was told the boy got an out of school suspension for a few days. she plans to keep jasmine at home until the boy is removed
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from the classroom completely. now to capitol hill where a shutdown was averted but now an even bigger battle remains for the next budget. everyone wants to know if their programs for jobs are being cut now. rebecca cooper is live in the newsroom. >> congressional leaders and their staff or holed up behind closed doors, hammering out the details of what exactly was agreed to friday night before a vote will occur on wednesday. both sides are already claiming victory. republicans saying they cut government spending, democrats saying they saved important programs. and he is glad congress cut federal spending. -- amy is glad. >> i think it is a fair compromise for a starting ground but i need to hear the specifics. >> every federal department took a cut except defense spending.
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republicans were able to block money for irs agents to go after tax cheats and funding for job training programs. democrats blocked republican efforts to kill funding for national public radio, planned parenthood clinics. >> i don't see a problem with keeping it in the budget. i think defense spending should have taken a cut. >> president obama had to cut programs he favored like high- speed rail and science research and development. >> the science and research is very important. i think the money should still be kept there. >> a mother of a small child worries about cuts in funding for labor health and human services and education. >> they need help. to just cut those benefits right now when there is a crisis, a lot of people are out of a job.
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>> even though neither side got everything they want everyone agrees the really tough talks are still ahead. the 2012 budget and the growing deficit. that fight will not be overspending in the billions, but in the trillions. they will have to tackle big ticket items like medicare, medicaid and social security. >> just days after they feared a government shutdown would cancel their trip to washington, a group of colorado eighth graders got to meet president obama and tour the white house. >> president obama plans to talk about his plan for the national deficit wednesday. he has chosen george washington university as his backdrop. the white house press secretary only saying the president is committed to reducing the deficit and working -- working with congress.
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a lot of people in the district are upset about how the cuts will affect d.c. we will break that down and hear from some of the residence coming up at 5 of 30. >> an after shock collapse the house and trapped people this morning in japan. high radiation levels forced the evacuation of five more communities near that plant. it has been one month since that massive earthquake and tsunami killed more than 13,000 people. thousands more are still missing. coming up, a plea deal for the man accused of plotting to blow up the metro system. find out how long he will spend in jail. new details in the search for a suspected serial killer. the phone call to a victim's sister. whether from texas to
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wisconsin. video from a tornado moving in
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>> a search for clues to serial
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killer turned up more bones on long island. the discovery was just miles away from where eight other bodies were discovered in december. all eight of them women four of whom were identified as prostitutes. a sister of one of the victims has come forward and said she has received phone calls from a man who said he killed her sister and that he is not done killing. >> i do not understand why he told me. i don't understand why i was chosen. >> police say whoever made the phone calls knew how not to get caught. he was not on the phone long enough to be traced and made the phone calls from times square and madison square garden where he could not be picked out on surveillance video. >> severe weather struck a large part of the country this weekend from tornadoes to flooding to wildfires. the damage was really widespread. we have some of the devastating
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pictures. >> more than half the town of mapleton iowa, was destroyed. this overnight image of lightning illuminating not one but two funnel clouds in western iowa illustrates the horror of powerful spring storms. more than two dozen reported tornadoes ripped through wisconsin, iowa, and texas. this half mile wide twister packing winds well over one daughter m.p.h. bear down on little mapleton iowa, with incredible force. it looked like a bulldozer had leveled most of this small town. >> you cannot imagine the devastation. >> an estimated 60% of the buildings in the town were damaged or destroyed. amazingly, there were no serious injuries.
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>> no one was hurt, and that is the most important thing but it is hard. >> we woke up to a lot of wind and rain and lightning. our window was moving in and out probably 3 inches. >> just south of dallas, home after home was obliterated. >> the winds were just very, very strong. the windows were rattling and then they started to shatter. >> the rising red river has residents starting to worry all while fires have been blamed for four deaths in texas. >> unbelievable devastation. >> this is severe weather season. there could be more of this to come. we may have severe thunderstorms early tomorrow morning. let's tell you what is going to
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happen this time around. the annapolis naval academy, if you watch closely you will see some sailboat action in and out of the harbor, another sign that spring is on the way. we will hang on to those beautiful conditions through the evening. in fairfax is 85 degrees 84 in montgomery county and temperatures well above the average height of 65 around the region. we are way up on the plus side today. 84 at washington dulles, color in annapolis 72 thanks to of a breeze. -- thanks to a baby greecebay breeze. it is 82 degrees in atlanta.
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the temperatures behind the front or about 20 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. it is 20 degrees warmer in washington. we will get the cooler air back tomorrow. a cold fronts will move eastward and we have a number of tornado watches out in parts of the tennessee valley. we will be watching this area right here that will continue to move ahead of the storm across the shenandoah valley at about 7:00 in the morning. we will have some potentially heavy storms to deal with. the low pressure center coming in during the day tomorrow, and that may produce a few areas of rained on its own. even though the heavy storms will be over in the morning, we have a chance of rain at times throughout the day.
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on wednesday the system will move out and high pressure starts coming back again. the futurecast calls for rainfall amounts of about 1/2 inch or so with this next system. this is not account for areas that might get right underneath the heavy thunderstorms. those rainfall totals could be significantly higher. 73 degrees in the city late tonight. cloudy with showers through midday and highs in the lower 60's tomorrow. wednesday looks great with sunshine and 70. over the weekend, another system will bring cool temperatures and showers and then it looks like another cool down on sunday and monday. this is how we get to spring, a couple of days of this and a couple of days of that and it will eventually lead allowed. enjoy every minute of it. 9 celebrities are left "on
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dancing with the stars." we will try to keep the momentum going tonight. kirstie alley and her partner max will try to regroup after last week's fall. that is tonight at 8:00 and then abc7 news is at 11:00. >> coming up, is shopping good for your health? one group of people say it definitely is. >> some of hollywood's biggest names hit the red carpet in d.c. for the premiere of "the conspirator." a man plotting to blow up
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i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virgin). i'm a target pharmacist and i'mmhere to answer your questions.
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x the man accused of plotting to bomb the metro system was it entered a guilty played today and was immediately sentenced. >> the court house metro was one of his intended target. >> 35-year-old farooque ahmed is a naturalized u.s. citizen lived in virginia. i am outside one of the four stations in this area that he
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had planned to bomb. >> is it a deterrent? i don't know. >> if they do that, they deserve it. >> metro riders generally agreed the government was just in sentencing farooque ahmed to 23 years in prison. he pleaded guilty to plotting to blow up for metro station in virginia. >> he admitted he was determined to kill as many americans as possible through multiple bombings at the very heart of the nation's capital. according to prosecutors, they created a phony plot to blow up the metro system after they learned from sources that i met was looking for ways to carry out jihad against the united states because he was angry about the war in afghanistan. >> this is an example of it permission coming into us from one of our partner agencies and the squad acted on it.
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>> he reportedly apologized for his actions in court today. few metro riders expressed any alarm, even after they learned of the plot. >> you are not worried about it? >> no. >> you do not feel unsafe on the metro? >> no. if someone is going to get you they are going to get you. >> after his 23-year sentence, he would be on probation for an additional 50 years. prosecutors described his as a twisted ideology that is outside the mainstream of the muslim community. sam ford, abc7 news. coming up, a toddler is taken to the hospital after being served a margarita instead of apple juice. and a murder and arson
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>> this is abc7 news at 5, on your side. >> the shutdown of the federal government has been avoided for now, but some are still angry about the compromise.
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>> it could impact washington resident including school vouchers and funding for abortion. >> a last-minute deal between republicans and democrats kept the government open. thousands were able to see the cherry blossom parade and visit the monument. other local impact has many crying foul. >> it is ridiculous. it is almost like plantation mentality. >> a compromise would ban the district from spending local tax dollars to fund abortions for the poor. it would provide funding for private school vouchers and one delegate warns republicans want to strict -- restrict the nation's the exchange program. drawing the most attention is the ban on abortion funding. the city has been 62,004117 elective abortions.
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>> congress needs to worry about bigger things read more about how the economy is doing versus a abortions. >> and other port of the compromise is funding vouchers that allow poor students to attend private schools. sources say the program would be expanded. >> those issues should have been left to be dealt with at another time. >> the exact extent of the compromise and how it will impact the district will not be known until later this week, but officials at planned parenthood say that if funding is taken away by the government, they will look to local private funding to be able to keep providing those services. the same with nearly exchange programs. they said they will look to private funding to keep the program in the district. it turns out guns are allowed in virginia churches according to a legal opinion
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from the virginia attorney general. he says people can carry guns into houses of worship for personal protection, but adds that churches, not the state have the right to ban weapons from their property. he issued the response after a delegate asked about a provision of the law he says is ambiguous. >> the search is on for a person responsible for killing a local store owner and setting his business on fire. it happened in bladensburg, but it is not the first time that tragedy has hit that family business. >> back in 2002, three teenagers burst into the store and open fire. 11 was killed and another was injured. we spoke to the distraught store owner at the time about the loss of his relative. >> they are animals.
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>> nine years later the brutal lightning strike of murder has hit the family again. 69-year-old richard nam was found murdered after firefighters extinguished and intentionally set fire. he was the victim of robbery. >> people taking these people's lives for money is just crazy. mike says the merger was well liked and respected here. -- the merchant was well-liked and respected here. >> everybody is going to miss him. is that what happened to him. >> tonight, the killer or killers remain on the loose. police have few clues and are asking for help to solve this murder. >> our homicide investigators are keenly interested in talking to anyone who was there in the store after 5:00 p.m., just to give us a better picture of what
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the events were. >> a woman who answered the door thatat the nam family home declined to comment. police said the case is wide open but they believe someone knows exactly what happened inside that store and they want them to give them a call. a around the region, a morning fire destroyed the home in beltsville. you can see the damage left behind as flames tore through the garage and the roof of a home. it took firefighters about 40 minutes to knock down the flames. no one was home at the time except for the family dog but thanks to a neighbor, the dog was able to escape the burning home. he was not hurt. the neighbor cut his arm while breaking a glass door. >> biking in arlington will soon
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be a bit easier. the stations will open up on this wednesday part of a plan to add 30 new stations and 200 more parks across the capital region this year. government workers can eat for free today. all federal workers who would have been out of work today with the federal shutdown can eat for free. any worker with the federal id can get a free single burger. the giveaway last until 10:00 tonight. time now for a check on traffic. >> we are dealing with some heavy delays on the inner loop. it is lower again after connecticut avenue to university boulevard. also problem on the outer loop
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the right to lanes are shut down because a gravel truck is in the roadway. right now in springfield there are heavy delays on southbound 95. coming up, the royal wedding is just a couple of weeks away, but an english fashion trend is already sweeping our area. robert redford brings a history lesson to the movies, but "can the conspirator" compete with cartoons and a screen test? an alexandria teacher is charged with possessing pornography.
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>> hollywood comes to washington, and robert redford is leading the way. >> that was some event today at ford's theatre.
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i think it is the first time in a couple of decades they have actually used it as a movie then you. >> always nice to have a premier in d.c. >> this week marks the anniversary of the beginning of the civil war and the assassination of abraham lincoln. robert redford marks both occasions with his movie about the conspiracy to kill lincoln and bring down the u.s. government. his movie hopes to provide interest in the trial of mary seratt. robert redford walk the red carpet in front of ford's theatre. starring. wright as mary -- starring robin wright as mary seratt.
5:41 pm
sometimes even the most interesting history turns into a dry, talking movie. "the conspirator" hopes an audience of history buffs turns out for this movie. friday "harry potter and the deathly hallows" comes to dtv. fun with the american revolution in "liberties meth." -- "liberty smith." up next shop more and live longer. if that is your model too
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there is some research to help back it up. >> a toddler was served a margarita instead of apple juice at a popular chain re
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>> good news for all the shoppers out there. we could actually be shopping to improve our health. >> that is what you keep telling yourself. the news is out today in a new study. >> isn't this the best news you have ever heard? we have all heard the term retail therapy but until now we just use it as an excuse to go on a spending spree. now researchers say a lifestyle of shopping could actually mean longevity. >> i never knew that. i think it is fascinating. >> virginia had no idea that's wiping her credit card could actually add years to her life. some believe in the truth of
5:46 pm
retail therapy. >> sometimes people that are depressed go shopping and that they might buy something that makes them feel better. >> now a medical study is backing that theory. researchers in taiwan found that elderly who shot everyday have less chance of risk than those who shop less frequently. >> it is built on a series of studies that show that social engagement increases life expectancy. >> is not the actual act of shopping rather the activities associated with it. >> getting out of the house walking, the physical activity associated with it. >> the shoppers have their own theory. >> doing something is better than doing nothing. getting out and walking around is better than sitting at home and watching tv.
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>> you heard that in that study, men benefited more from shopping and women. they really cannot figure out why that is, but the study points to lower heart rate in men who shot more often. it appears that parenthood can be bad for your diet. a new study looks at parents with children under the age of 5 and found that young mothers consumed more sugary drinks more saturated fats, and more calories than women with no children. the average body mass index was higher than in in the jobless women. a bartender mixed up the
5:48 pm
wrong drink in michigan and served a toddler alcohol at an applebee's restaurant. the mother tasted what was inside the boys cup and said it was an alcoholic margarita. >> he was saying hello and goodbye to the walls and the eventually laid his head down on the table. we thought maybe he was just sleepy. >> the boys alcohol was 1.0 well over the legal limit for an adult driver. the child was checked out at a hospital and was found to be okay. let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> we will talk about a little foreign policy, the latest event was secretary hillary clinton. how much the conflict in libya
5:49 pm
is costing the united states, and also another republican presidential hopeful plans to challenge president obama. we will talk about that ahead at 6:00. >> in the meantime, let's talk about the weather again. >> we just wish it would last, of course that is not the case. >> i went up on the roof and almost decided that leon could handle the rest of the weather. let's start off with a live look at chesapeake beach in northern calvert county. not much boat traffic out on that section of the bay but a beautiful afternoon with the feeling of early summer in the air.
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85 in manassas right now. 84 at washington dulles. of a breeze in annapolis keeping the temperature at 72. -- obeyeda bay breeze in annapolis. this system across tennessee and kentucky and northern sections of alabama is moving this way. we will keep a close eye on that. temperatures will stay warm in the overnight. temperatures will hold in the 60's. sunny and cool air on thursday. the next chance of showers and cooler temperatures arrive on saturday. that is the latest from the weather center. have you ever seen a finish like we saw yesterday? it seems like everywhere i went
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today, people are still talking about tiger woods. whatever it was, here is the bottom line. tiger had a stock-market type tournament. he was up, he was down, and he finished fourth. charl schwartzel did what had not been done in 75 years at the masters. he may never be tiger woods, but he was the best of them all this weekend at augusta. the guy no one is talking about is mcelroy. he led the tournament for 63 holes, but his lead evaporated with a final-round 80. he aged in dog years on the back nine and finished 15th 10 shots behind the winner. he never lost his class even if he lost the masters. >> this is my first experience and i hope the next time i am in this position i will be able to
5:52 pm
handle it a little better. i did not handle it particularly well today, obviously. i will come out stronger for it. >> the capitals locked up the no. 1 seed in the east over the weekend. today they took care of business. the capitals were bad at practice early this morning. -- back at practice early this morning. they say they are ready to go. >> it is going to be a great battle. i think we are playing pretty well. none of that means anything. >> the second season is about to begin. watching the masters was fun. >> unbelievable. tiger may himself relevant once again. >> he is back in the
5:53 pm
conversation. >> it is always a good game when there is a little crying involved. >> the royal couple sets out for their final public appearance before the big day. >> all
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>> the countdown to the royal wedding is on, and today prince william and kate middleton made their last official public appearance before their wedding day on april 29. the couple for stopped at a school where prince william help launch an award recognizing young people's contributions to their committee. then they went to parker they watch a sporting event. kate even got to waive the flag to start a race. it seems like her style sensibilities are making their way to the united states, most notably her love of hats. local retailers say it has given
5:57 pm
the retail market a welcome boost. more and more clients are coming in asking for a british stable. >> i am interested in the fascinator, i believe they are called. >> here in the u.s., they used to be called cocktail hats and never rather rare, until kate middleton made them modern and useful. >> it is a small hat sits on top of your head. it is not quite a hat but it has features of a hat. cracks fascinator scum in an array of styles and colors with feathers -- >> fascinators come in an array of styles and colors. the bigger, the better. silver spring, sharon billick
5:58 pm
says hadst a transformative effect. beyond weddings, horse races and church services, hats are a way to add a little whimsy to your wardrobe. >> a few years ago people would not have gone for this, but because kate middleton wears them, they have become part of fashion. >> i would say this is a proper topper. >> despite this being the season of easter bonnets finding these hats and fasten nader's -- fascinators can be a challenge. >> celebrities have received invitations for the wedding and
5:59 pm
someone from our abc7 family did as well. our founder also receive an invitation, and he will be attending the royal wedding. we will have live coverage from london the week of the wedding. we'll have everything from the fashions to the gifts and the traditions of the there. that is all now for abc7 news at 5. at 6:00, another republican joins the 2012 presidential race, and is someone who is no stranger to the campaign trail. first, a shutdown was the verdict, but now we are monitoring a new battle on the nation's budget, the debt ceiling. >> live, and in hd this is abc7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> the nation's budget battle is far from over. we